Treatment planning and therapeutical options

Author Christoph Hämmerle

When planning a treatment for a given patient, it is of paramount importance to understand the specific personal wishes of the patient and to plan accordingly. Generally speaking, patients desire to be in good health, to have adequate function for mastication and speaking, and pleasing esthetics. In order to reach the patient’s desires – in particular in complex situations – a structured approach to treatment planning and to execution of therapy is necessary. This module explains and guides you through such a structured approach.

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Total lectures time: 1 h 25 minutes

Assessment time: 33 minutes

Table of contents
Systematic approach of treating a case with dental implantsNo image foundvideo

Systematic approach of treating a case with dental implants

Author Christoph Hämmerle
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Successful incorporation of implant-borne reconstructions

Author Christoph Hämmerle
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Capacity of peri-implant bone to bear high loading forces

Author Christoph Hämmerle

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Learning objectives

Learning objectives

After completing this module you should be able to:

  • Understand that the aim of therapy always is to provide the patient with teeth improving his health, function and esthetics
  • Understand that planning of complex patient situations involves applying a systematic approach
  • Apply a concept to address a complex patient situation in a systematic way
  • Systematically assess prognosis of individual teeth
  • Identify factors critical for successful treatment related to the patient desires, possibilities, habits and general health status
  • Understand the importance of treating all diseases in the oral cavity prior to implant placement
  • Plan and conduct preparatory treatments according to a specific scheme of therapy
  • Assess the outcomes of preparatory treatments and plan the successive treatment steps accordingly
  • Schedule decision making for implant placement governed by the need for additional prosthetic abutments within the overall treatment plan and the optimal time point within the flow of treatment
  • Make the correct decisions to place implants in strategically important positions according to the defined prosthetic criteria of the overall treatment plan

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