Dental Campus Association

Englischviertelstrasse 32

CH - 8032 Zürich

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Phone:+41 79 107 04 00



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Digital Dental Life AG

Boesch 80A

CH - 6331 Hünenberg


Dental Campus Association


Englischviertelstrasse 32

8032 Zürich


Implant Campus Board:

Mauricio Araujo, Lyndon Cooper,

Christoph Hämmerle, Ronald Jung,

Myron Nevins, Franck

Renouard, Mariano Sanz


Prof. Christoph Hämmerle

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Phone: +41 79 107 04 00


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Kanton Zürich


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No written warning without contact

Should you wish to lodge claims of any kind, e.g. arising from copyright, competition laws and trademark laws, we would ask that you contact us directly without delay to avoid unnecessary written warnings, civil disputes and costs. Should you indicate claims of this kind to us, we pledge to take remedial action, which bindingly excludes a potential risk of repetition, before the issue is conclusively clarified in a legally binding manner. A note of fees for a written warning issued by a solicitor without prior contact is being rejected due to non-observation of the duty to mitigate loss. We will respond to unnecessary and unjustified written warnings such as these and subsequent measures with a negative declaratory action.