About us

Dental Campus is a newly founded scientific association in dental medicine. The Dental Campus runs an innovative online platform providing well structured education in implant dentistry utilizing modern web technology. The contents of the educational program are made available by an international network of teaching centers and are structured in modular elements covering the complete field of implant dentistry. The educational program also includes self-assessment protocols for the students and enables interactive communication within the learning community. All contents are peer-reviewed by a global board of renowned experts in the field.

The members of the Implant Campus Board declare that none of them has proprietary or financial interest of any kind in any product, service and/or company in respect to the educational content.

Members of the Implant Campus Boards are:

  • >Prof. Mauricio Araujo, Maringa Prof. Mauricio Araujo, Maringa
  • Prof. Lyndon Cooper, Chapel Hill Prof. Lyndon Cooper, Chapel Hill
  • Prof. Christoph Hämmerle, Zürich (President) Prof. Christoph Hämmerle, Zürich (President)
  • Prof. Ronald Jung, Zürich Prof. Ronald Jung, Zürich
  • Prof. Myron Nevins, Boston Prof. Myron Nevins, Boston
  • Dr. Franck Renouard, Paris Dr. Franck Renouard, Paris
  • Prof. Mariano Sanz, Madrid Prof. Mariano Sanz, Madrid