Indian Society of Oral Implantologists

A study group called, Bombay Society of Oral Implantologists (BSOI), was formed in 1988, by a few eminent dentists in Mumbai who were interested in dental implantology. As implantology began to attract the attention of more and more dentists, its membership grew. BSOI was changed to Indian Society of Oral Implantologists (ISOI) in 1993 and the society became a national body.

Founding members.

Dr. F.D. Mirza
Dr. H.D. Adhiya
Dr. A.P. Chitre
Dr. S.S. Khambey
Dr. B.P. Parulkar

Dr. R.N. Bapat
Dr. A.G. Shetty
Dr. M.P. Sabuwalla
Dr. K. M. Mehta
Dr. F.P. Batiwala

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