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The demand for highly esthetic prosthetics is on the increase. There is a focus on ceramic implant solutions with high biocompatibility. The ivory colored one-piece CERALOG® Monobloc and the two-piece CERALOG® Hexalobe implants offer an exceptionally high level of esthetic properties. This is a mature system that has been in clinical use for many years. The high tissue compatibility of zirconium dioxide is widely acclaimed.

Following extensive research and market observation, CAMLOG identified AXIS biodental SA as the leading manufacturer of innovative zirconium dioxide implants and acquired a majority stakeholding in the company in 2016. Since IDS 2017, CAMLOG markets the AXIS implant system under the name CERALOG®.

In 2006, the Swiss company AXIS biodental SA already laid the research foundation for the development of high performance zirconium dioxide implants in conjunction with Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM). The first clinical studies were initiated in 2007 and already used the current material composition and surface texture. Marketing commenced with the one-piece Monobloc implant. The two-piece Hexalobe implant has been used successfully in the present configuration since early 2013.

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The CAMLOG® Implant System

The CAMLOG® Implant System is based on years of clinical and laboratory experience and is a user-friendly, consistent prosthetically oriented implant system.

The CAMLOG® Products are manufactured with the latest state-of-the-art technology. The CAMLOG® Implant System is continuously being developed by the company’s research and development team in collaboration with clinics, universities and dental technicians and therefore stays abreast of the latest technology.

The very heart of the system is the Tube-in-Tube connection between implant and abutment.

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The CONELOG® Implant System

The CONELOG® Implant System comes with a user-friendly conical implant-abutment connection with integrated platform switching. The CONELOG® Abutments are fitted apically with a cone and three cams and lock into the conical connection and the three grooves of the implant. The CONELOG® Abutment does not cover the implant shoulder, thus allowing Platform Switching.

As in the CAMLOG® Implant System, three grooves let the user know when the abutment is positioned correctly. The self-locking cone makes positioning of the abutments simple and accurate.

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The iSy Implant System

The iSy Implant System is an intelligent implant concept for modern dental practices. It enables an optimized value creation chain and highly efficient workflows.

The iSy Implant system demonstrates its unique talents in numerous indications. Its intelligence allows the clinician to focus on what is most common in their everyday implant practice.

The iSy Implant system addresses the wishes of patients: as little surgery as possible, short treatment times and a perfect cost-benefit ratio. The first-class quality and function of all system components is designed for maximum efficiency of workflows. To be able to provide even more patients with high quality implant prosthetics.

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CAMLOG is a leading supplier of comprehensive systems and products for implant dentistry and restorative dentistry. Our implant systems are characterized by an ideal number of system components and easy and efficient handling properties.

By communicating with and listening to the users of our products, we continuously improve. Our wide-ranging services are tailored to the needs of our customers and partners. Our Technical Service is always available with help and advice. We also offer certified continuing education for dentists and oral and maxillofacial surgeons run by renowned speakers. For novices in implant dentistry, we arrange their partaking in implantations carried out by experienced implantologists and we also provide proven information materials for patients and users in our media center. 

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