Choice of abutment I

Author Stefan Holst

When restoring implants with fixed crown and bridgework, the clinician faces a variety of implant abutments to choose from: Abutments made of different materials (metal or ceramics) and fabricated with different techniques (cast or CAD/CAM abutments). In this module, these treatment options are discussed in detail, including their esthetic, mechanical and biological impact and long-term performance.

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Total lectures time: 1 h 17 minutes

Assessment time: 30 minutes

Table of contents
Biologics and Materials – soft tissue interface and material selectionNo image foundvideo

Biologics and Materials – soft tissue interface and material selection

Author Stefan Holst
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Manufacturing options and physical properties of abutments

Author Stefan Holst
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Clinical protocols and treatment considerations

Author Stefan Holst

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Learning objectives

Learning objectives

After completing this module you should be able to:

  • Understand the importance of the interface between the restoration and the soft tissue
  • Describe the impact of material selection on the stability of peri-implant tissue architecture
  • Discuss indications and limitations and associated risks when selecting different abutment materials
  • Understand the impact of manufacturing quality on the long-term performance of abutments
  • Know the broad range of treatment options depending on the clinical situation and level of experience
  • Understand the scientific knowledge gap on ideal abutment contour and design

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