Replacement of two incisors in a young male

Case number: 48

Male patient *1978, by Jung (2006-2008). After a traumatic injury to his two central incisors, this patient came to our clinic for a long-lasting replacement with high esthetic standards.

Tendency of skeletal class 3 and a missing front tooth

Case number: 40

This female patient with a skeletal class 3 wanted an esthetic improvement but refused to undergo orthognathic surgery. A prosthetic approach was chosen to fulfill her wish.

Replacement removable prostheses and orthodontic treatment

Case number: 24

Female patient *1971, by Büchi and Jung (2010-2013). This patient came to our clinic for a replacement of her poorly fitting removable prostheses. Additionally severe orthodontic problems, i.e. a slanting occlusion plane are in need of treatment.

Esthetic rehabilitation in patient with myoarthropathy

Case number: 4

Male patient *1969, by Büchi and Sailer (2011-2012). This patient suffering from myoarthropathy is looking for an esthetic rehabilitation of his teeth, which are severely damaged by attrition, abrasion and erosion.

Anterior esthetic case

Case number: 10

Female patient (*1977) treated by Dr. D. Büchi (2009-2011). Functional and aesthetic rehabilitation of the anterior maxillary teeth with full-ceramic restorations.

Periodontitis case, fixed reconstructions on teeth and implants

Case number: 43

Male patient *1943, by Matuliene and N. P. Lang (2004-2005). Periodontitis case with mobile tooth and furcation involvement, fixed reconstructions on teeth and implants

Single implant crown in the esthetic zone

Case number: 12

Male patient *1986 by Dr. V. Kokovic (02-10/2007). Anterior single implant placement after orthodontic extrusion and ridge preservation.

Hopeless lateral incisor in a young patient

Case number: 64

Hopeless lateral incisor in a young patient with a high smile line.

Root coverage with tunnel technique

Case number: 31

Recession on tooth 32. Connective Tissue graft with tunnel technique for root coverage