Esthetic rehabilitation in patient with myoarthropathy

Follow these steps to complete the case.

Initial Exam

Healthy patient and sport loving patient with occasional
marijuana consumption

Patient history

Chief complaint

The patient is bothered by the continuos loss of length of his anterior teeth and the esthetic compromise as side effect. Furthermore is the canine 23 missing, which also lowers his masticatory function. All his teeth are very sensitive towards cold. Patient wishes a general rehabilitation of his problems, without being financially ruined.


Please tick the boxes of the diagnoses that apply to this
patient and fill in the text boxes. This is an exercise, no-one can see your answers.


Please indicate a single tooth prognosis for each tooth or
implant by dragging the + (secure), ? (doubtful) or - (hopeless) icons on each tooth
on the OPG.

My planning

You can assign each tooth different characteristics by clicking
on it. While clicking the buttons can be activated and deactivated. The planning
creation is divided into four phases.

Therapy options

Here we present the treatment planning by the dentist
who treated this case. Please note: there are no right or wrong solutions, all plannings
are here to be discussed.


View the therapy that was carried out for this patient.

Final exam

Browse through the final treatment result - final photos
and X-rays