3-day Advanced Course
Implant Dentistry at Zurich University

September 14th-16th 2017

What we offer

Lectures, Hands-On Practical Exercises and Live Clinical Demonstrations on:

  • Strategically important elements for treatment planning from tooth extraction to final prosthetic reconstruction
  • How treatment protocols will lead to success
  • Integration of the digital workflow into your daily business in your practice
  • Learn how to make clear decisions regarding treatment options at the time of the tooth extractions
  • Learn how to solve complex cases by preoperative soft tissues augmentation
  • Design of surgical complex cases by preoperative soft tissue augmentation
  • Design of surgical templates and its effects on usability
  • Guided implant surgery demonstrated by hands-on exercises and live surgery
  • Make the right decision for the correct implant time point
  • Learn how GBR procedures look like in 12 years
  • To understand what alternatives we have to grafting procedures
  • Understand how the provisional can be prepared in advance

Enjoy one of the most beautiful towns in the world and enjoy some of the world's best school.

All this will be divided in Lectures, Hands-On Practical Exercises and Live Clinical Demonstrations.

Course details


Clinic of Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics
and Dental Material Science
University of Zurich
Plattenstrasse 11
8032 Zurich, Switzerland


Course Thursday Sept. 14th -
Saturday Sept. 16th 2017
8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Dinner: Thursday, Sept. 14th.


Max. 30, min. 20 persons


2808 EUR (8% VAT included)

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Melanie Warth
Tel. +41 41 78 385 93
E-mail: contact@dental-campus.com
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The Schedule



  • First Evaluation: A key factor for proper risk analysis
  • Acquisition of 3D data, intraoral surface extraction, CBCT do’s and dont’s
  • Digital planning & diagnostics
  • Evolution of planning software and current state-of-the-art
  • Hands-on Guided Surgery
    • Basics in digital diagnostics & implant planning on computers
    • Implant planning of different indications,
      exercises, presentation and discussion
    • Planning of implant position of live surgery of next day
    • Planning of surgical template of live surgery of next day
    • 3D-Printing of surgical template



  • Ridge Preservation: Therapeutic concepts and methods of today
  • Live surgery
    • Implantation and simultaneously GBR in the aesthetic zone
  • GBR: Decision tree based on scientific literature
  • Different timing strategies for implantation after tooth extraction
  • Hands-on
    • GBR in a complex case-guided surgery using a 3D model
  • Soft tissue management & abutment connection
  • Live surgery
    • Soft tissue augmentation
  • Short implants and alternative to grafting procedures
  • Comprehensive Case Presentation



  • Comprehensive case discussion
  • Hands-on
    • Soft tissue and socket management using an animal model
  • Abutment selection for the aesthetic and non-aesthetic zones
  • Hands-on & Live demonstration
    • <<digital impression>>: digital workflow, impressions in 3D
  • Crown fabrication: what material to choose (ceramic, metal, composite)
  • Long-term outcomes and complications in implant dentistry
  • Step by step example of full digital process in daily routine of practitioner, Dr. Beat R. Kurt oral surgeon with private practice in Lucerne
  • Special lectures and exercises: Template Design and Guided Implant Placement
  • Parallel sessions and detail trainings on advanced topics in 3D-Planning and template guided surgery

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