3-day Advanced Course
Implant Dentistry at Zurich University

November 21st-23rd 2019

Refine your surgery skills

Dental Campus welcomes you to the University of Zurich. Enroll in our advanced implant dentistry courses and improve your surgery skills.

We are pleased to offer you an exciting course focused on current issues in implant dentistry. The essential issues in clinical implant dentistry will be examined based on clinical concepts and scientific evidence. The main focus will be on the treatment of cases that are challenging to plan with complex initial situations and exacting esthetic requirements. The course includes lectures, live demonstrations, and on phantoms as well as case planning and discussions.

Highlights of the program


  •   Treatment concepts for demanding prosthetic restorations
  •   CAD/CAM procedures, computer-guided surgery, and prosthodontics
  •   Use of ceramics

Live surgery

  •   Implantation in the esthetic zone with additional bone regeneration
  •   Fabrication of a ceramic abutment using CAD/CAM technologies
  •   Novel techniques for soft tissue conditioning
  •   Insertion of a finished reconstruction

Hands-on practical exercises

  •   Insertion of a bone-level implant into a polymer jaw (esthetic indication)
  •   Similar implant in a porcine jaw for defect regeneration

See what to expect

Watch our short video and get an impression what our 3 day practical courses are like.

Course details


Center of Dental Medicine
University of Zurich
Plattenstrasse 11
8032 Zurich, Switzerland


Thursday November 21st -
Saturday November 23rd 2019
8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Dinner: Thursday, November 21st


Max. 30


2850 EUR (7.7% VAT included)

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Melanie Warth
Tel. +41 76 576 07 52
E-mail: melanie.warth@dental-campus.com
organised by Digital Dental Life

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    Online Classroom




    November 21st

    • 08:30 Welcome address, opening lecture
    • 09:00 First evaluation, risk assessment and patient planning for implants in the aesthetic zone
    • 09:30 Digital diagnostics, implant planning and guided surgery
    • 10:15 Coffee break
    • 10:30 Live demonstration: Treatment planning and guided implantation
    • 11:30 Treatment strategies for complex cases
    • 12:00 Lunch break
    • 13:45 Live surgery: Implantation and simultaneous GBR in the aesthetic zone
    • 15:15 Coffee break
    • 15:30 Can we trust zirconia implants?
    • 16:30 Small diameter implants and cantilever reconstructions
    • 17:00 Comprehensive case presentation
    • 18:30 Dinner


    November 22nd

    • 08:30 Comprehensive case discussion
    • 09:15 Ridge preservation: Therapeutic concepts and methods of today
    • 09:45 Soft tissue management (pre-op)
    • 10:15 Coffee break
    • 10:30 Different timing strategies for implantation after tooth extraction
    • 11:15 GBR: Decision tree base on scientific evidence
    • 12:00 Lunch break
    • 13:30 Hands-on training: Advanced soft tissue management and grafting techniques
    • 14:45 Soft tissue management & abutment connection
    • 15:30 Coffee break
    • 16:00 Live surgery: Soft tissue augmentation reconstructions
    • 17:15 Short implants as an alternative to grafting procedures


    November 23rd

    • 08:30 Comprehensive case discussion
    • 09:15 Hands-on training: GBR in a complex case / guided surgery using a 3D model
    • 10:45 Coffee break
    • 11:15 Implant prosthodontics - how to choose the correct components
    • 12:00 Lunch break - open buffet
    • 13:00 Optical impressions (IOS): indications and limitations
    • 13:30 Hands-on training: Customization of an impression transfer post in the aesthetic area
    • 14:15 Digital technologies for the fabrication of implant reconstructions
    • 14:45 Long-term outcomes and complications
    • 15:00 Distribution of certificates
      End of course