Dental Campus is a new online learning platform in oral implantology. With its didactic concept, high quality content and interactivity, it sets new standards in continued education.

Comprehensive state-of-the art knowledge is directly linked to practical information on techniques and product handling providing a user-friendly and convenient form of continued education. 

Well-structured continued education with outstanding quality and practical value – this is the standard set by the new internet platform Dental Campus. “Dental Campus enables dentists to improve patient treatment by gaining state-of-the-art knowledge and transforming it directly into solid treatment know-how“, explains Prof. Christoph Hämmerle from Zürich, one of the Dental Campus founders. 

“We have combined our learning from other online projects with new technical opportunities to offer comprehensive education with a maximum practical benefit. All relevant information on theory, technology as well as products is found in just one medium”, points out PD Ronald Jung, also from Zürich and another Dental Campus founder. The didactic concept of the platform has been designed by Prof. Michael Kerres, a world-leading specialist in online education.

Dental Campus is comprised of four main pillars: 

--> Practice-oriented Education modules with online lectures from well-known experts present the most up-to-date, established scientific and clinical knowledge.  Self assessment tests provide the opportunity to rate individual module information uptake. The practical benefit of each educational topic is enhanced by direct links to clinical examples and information on specific products used in the modules. 

--> Clinical cases of varying complexity show step-by-step patient treatment with detailed background information. Users can compare their own case assessments and treatment proposals to those of experienced surgeons and can discuss in an online forum with other users.

--> The function Forums and Groups offers ample possibilities to communicate and discuss with other users and experts. 

--> In the Lounges, the partner companies provide helpful practical information on how to use the materials presented in the cases and lectures. 

Education and Cases are structured according to the phases of dental treatment. Intelligent transverse linking enables the users to find related information without getting lost. Keyword searches help to identify specific topics and facts. 

Peer-reviewed, individually tailored content

Dental Campus has been developed as an online educational tool for dentists who are beginning to use oral implants. Also experienced implantologists may improve their knowledge in specific areas by selecting personally relevant topics or cases of interest. Users can learn independently in time and location and individually compile their preferred learning content. Several payment options allow access to content self-tailored to each user’s specific interest. 

The high quality content of Dental Campus is ensured by the Implant Campus Board, consisting of Mariano Sanz, Lyndon Cooper, Mauricio Araújo, Frank Renouard, Ronald Jung and Christoph Hämmerle. The Dental Campus Editorial Board with its reputable international experts contribute to content quality through an established peer-review process. The modules and cases fit seamlessly with each other, meeting educational goals without redundancy.

Online learning combined with face-to-face education

“For effective learning, the online content has to be combined with practical trainings as well as personal communication with other colleagues”, explains Prof. Christoph Hämmerle. “This is why we will also offer classical courses and trainings in different countries which will complement the platform content.” Cooperation with dental associations are planned which will allow Dental Campus integration into future post graduate programs.

Dental Campus is supported by five partner companies who provide additional practical information on product handling. “We have invited select industry partners because of their high quality and scientific standards, their contribution to develop implantology and their importance in the market”, reflects Prof. Christoph Hämmerle.  

Founded as a spin-off of the University of Zürich, Dental Campus is a scientific association that intends to optimize dental continued education and thereby continuously improve patient treatment. The platform technology has been licensed from an online specialist, allowing cutting-edge structure and practically oriented set-up that offers unique benefits for users. 

Interested? Just register as a user at and select topics and cases based on your personal interest.