Welcome to the smop Lounge
Welcome to the smop lounge.
Get an insight into the most easy to use and strongest growing open system for 3D implant planning and guided surgery via a new type of precise drilling guides.
smop Introduction
smop Introduction
Product description
  • Ct_scan
    1. Perform Cone Beam Scan and open DICOM data
  • Interactive_3d_implant
    2. Prepare the data and plan the implants
  • Digital_construction
    3. Design and print the surgical template
  • Guided_surgery
    4. Surgery – using the template
Articles, Videos & Additional Documentation
Service Partners
The following companies are advanced users of the Swissmeda system and offer services.

Offered services are scanning and matching of stone models, assisting in the use of the software and designing and manufacturing the templates.
About swissmeda
Swissmeda is a young company, with engineers and dental professionals developing digital solutions for dentistry that fulfill the requirements of todays practice. Our team has an experience of more than 50 years of professional SW Development.

We want to provide you the best solution for digital implant planning you can find. A solution that is of the highest quality level, easy to use and offering a reasonable price model.
Swissmeda AG Technoparkstrasse 1
8005 Zürich
+41 43 818 2515

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