Prof. Mariano Sanz

Prof. Sanz is a Full-time Professor of Periodontics at the Faculty of Odontology, University Complutense of Madrid (Spain).

He is Invited Professor at the EFP Graduate Program in Periodontology in Madrid
Degree in Dentistry, University Complutense of Madrid, Postgraduated in Periodontology, University Complutense of Madrid as well as European Doctor (Ph.D) in Dentistry, University Complutense of Madrid.

Prof. Sanz is involved in Scientific activity within Microbiology and Antimicrobials in Periodontology: scientific publications in books (23), SCI journals (22), and other scientific journals (15). (Some of his publications are available here : Quintessenz Publishing )

Participation in courses and congresses: Scientific Communications at international (39) and national (37) Congresses. Guest speaker at international (18) and national (37) Courses and Congresses.

On Prof Santz created the module Non-surgical periodontal therapy

In this module Profs. Mariano Sanz and David Herrera will provide you detailed information on the elements of non-surgical periodontal therapy and on the clinical process to provide this therapy to patients affected by periodontal disease. Evidence-based information is illustrated with interesting clinical examples.

The learning Objectives of this module on Non Surgical periodontal therapy, including clinical cases are : 

  • Understand the objectives of basics periodontal therapy
  • Be familiar with the treatment sequence and understand the role of the different treatment phases
  • Understand the specific aims of cause-related basic periodontal therapy
  • Understand the importance to eliminate plaque and calculus from the tooth surfaces
  • Understand the importance to eliminate gingival inflammation
  • Be able to comprehend the process that leads to reduction of periodontal pocket depth and to the maintenance of attachment levels
  • Be familiar with the degree of efficacy of this mode of periodontal therapy
  • Understand the limitation of non-surgical periodontal therapy including: patient’s capacity of mouth opening, operator experience, operator skill level, quality of the therapeutic instruments
  • Plan the correct treatment sequence encompassing: patient information, control of systemic factors and other risk factors, motivation and instruction in oral hygiene, diagnosis and treatment of acute oral conditions, supragingival prophylaxis and elimination of retentive factors, subgingival root debridement (scaling and root planning), adjunctive use of antiseptics and/or antibiotics

Watch the trailer of the entire lesson and find the complete serie  here : Non Surgical periodontal therapy, including clinical cases

Amongst his many awards, Mariono Sanz is also President, of the Osteology foundation. The foundation congratulated Prof. Sanz  on a honorary doctorate from the University of Gothenburg, which he received for his longstanding collaboration with researchers at Sahlgrenska Academy. 

In May 2015 the Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg announced that they awarded a honorary doctorate to Mariano Sanz, Professor of Periodontology and Dean of the Faculty of Odontology at University Complutense of Madrid, Spain, and president of the Osteology Foundation.

The honorary doctorate was now conferred in a ceremony on 16 October 2015.  He has published more than 200scientific articles and book chapters and is one of the most popular international lecturers on odontology,  Sahlgrenska  Academy said in their official announcement. 

His longstanding collaboration with researchers at Sahlgrenska  Academy had a major impact on advances in knowledge about healing processes after tooth extraction. Honorary doctorates from Sahlgrenska  Academy are awarded to those who have played a key role in research or education at the academy or who have otherwise promoted progress in the fields that it addresses.