Webinar Soft Tissue Management in the Aesthetic Zone

On October 18th.2016 PD.Dr. Daniel Thoma held a webinar on Soft Tissue Management in the Aesthetic Zone :

Please watch it here :

Soft Tissue Management in the Aesthetic Zone  - Webinar Replay 

Pd.Dr. Daniel Thoma also created an extensive 3 parts course on Soft Tissue Management : You can find it under courses on Dental Campus or click Here for immediate access.

20.10.2016, 15:39
Dr. Thoma promised to answer the one questions that he could not answer during the webinar, so here it is:

What is the difference between free gingiva graft and free connective tissue grafts? What is the indication of them seperately?
Prof. Thomas: "Dear Participant, thank you for the question. The difference is that FGGs consist of connective tissue and epithelium and are indicated to augmented keratinized tissue around teeth and implants. CTGs consist of connective tissue only and are placed submerged (closed healing). CTGs are indicated to augment soft tissue volume (without regenerating keratinized tissue)."

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20.10.2016, 20:12