Dear colleagues
I would like to share this new case with you. The 47 year old patient showed up in our clinic, because he was no longer happy with his dental appearance. As you can easily see, the patient is a heavy biter and has lost already a lot of his vertical dimension. His primary wish is to get an esthetic improvement especially in the upper jaw and secondary a better chewing ability. I would like to provide the patient a reconstruction that guarantees both, mechanical stability and maximal esthetics. How would your treatment plan look like? What kind of material would you choose?
Please explain me your thoughts.
Thank you very much,

23.05.2016, 07:58

Dear Barbara 

first of all you have you have to restore the posterior segment in order to achieve the correct vertical dimension and after these to continue in the frontally segment.Usually is the vertical hight where you can see the central incisors for 2 mm in the  relax position (physiology position).After these you can safely think about materials but commonly is the full zircon crowns at the back with the combination of e max in the anterior good luck the functional cases are the most exciting cases and the most scientific cases.They give you the most satisfaction that you can get from a rehabilitation !!

dr Stavros 

04.12.2016, 16:08
Many thanks for your interest. Here are the x-rays.
15.08.2016, 09:18
Can we see the complete set of xrays, Periapicals and bws?
07.08.2016, 16:35