How to recement the bridge?

The patient lost his implant-supported FDP a few days ago. The mucosa already grew on the implant shoulder. What should I pay attention to while recementing the FDP?

06.04.2016, 15:30
Dear Marco
Thanks for your advise. A laser would have been the perfect solution. In fact I have used the elctrotome to free the shoulder, but the patient felt some little electric shocks when I touched the titanium... The provisional cementation was possible without any problem.
Best regards, Felix
15.04.2016, 11:40
Dear Felix

did you condider to use a laser to excise the gingiva. I would for sure sement it provisionally and wait for stabilisation of the surrounding tissues before cementing the FDP definitively.

What do you think?


15.04.2016, 09:15