Complication - Early loss of two implants

What could be the reason for the early loss of these two implants?

After sinus floor elevation 6 months were waited until implant placement. 3 weeks after implant placement, the patient lost a lot of native bone and the implants had to be removed.

16.07.2016, 08:46
Dear Tobi

Unfortunately I have no pictures at time of suture removal after approximately 10 days. The wound healing was not at all suspicious. However, the patient reported on severe pain in the region of the tooth 14. The tooth showed a higher mobility and pain relieve occurred after approximately 14 days. No provisional restoration was in situ at any time. Pus was visible at the day of implant removal.

Br, Alexis
19.08.2016, 11:49
Dear Alexis

Can you please give us some more information about the wound healing in the first 3 weeks? Was there primary wound healing after the first 10 day? Was there any pressure on the wound like removable dentures? Was there PUS around the implants at any time?

18.08.2016, 22:54