How To 3D Radiology

Dr. Rheinhile Jacobs and Prof.Dr. Marc Quirynen cover in the module Essentials of 3D Radiology following aspects:

How to justify the use of CBCT in implant dentistry

How to use CBCT in implant dentistry

How to interpret CBCT images

How to avoid mistakes with CBCT

How to determine bone quality in CBCT

And after completing this module you should be able to:

  • Determine the clinical indications for a CBCT in implant dentistry and decide in which specific situation the use of a CBCT is justified
  • Know the guidelines for the use of CBCT in dental and maxillofacial radiology and find additional online resources on CBCT guidelines
  • Describe the technical principles of a CBCT
  • Understand the dosimetry of a CBCT in comparison with conventional CT scans
  • Explain how the following factors influence radiation dose and image quality: voxel size, patient position, field of view, pulsed or continuous radiation, patient movement, metals in the oral cavity, detector type, parameter settings (mAs, kV), reconstruction algorithm
  • Position the patient correctly and set the multiplanar reformatting spline (curve that serves as a basis for panoramic view and cross-sectional images)
  • Interpret CBCT data correctly and recognize errors and artifacts
  • Recognize proper anatomy and pathology in CBCTs and find other important online learning resources on CBCT anatomy and pathology
  • Determine bone quality and quantity with CBCTs by relative Hounsfield values
  • Link local and systemic bone quality to implant success
  • Be aware of the possibilities of anatomical models based on CBCT data and know about their accuracy
  • Discuss the possibilities and limitations of CBCT


Dr. Rheinhilde Jacobs :

Reinhilde Jacobs is dentist, Doctor in Dental Sciences and periodontologist (ULeuven), Master in Dental Radiology (ULondon) and Dr Honoris Causa ("Iuliu Hatieganu" University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Cluj-Napoca).

She is full professor at the University of Leuven and visiting professor at the Dalian Medical University (China). R. Jacobs is coordinating the omfs impath research group of the KU Leuven.

She is EAO board member, European Director of the International Association of DentoMaxilloFacial Radiology, and associate editor of Clinical Oral Investigations, European Journal of Oral Implantology, and Oral Radiology.

Prof.Dr. Marc Quirynen

Professor M. Quirynen graduated in 1980 as dentist at the Catholic University of Leuven and finished in 1984 his training in periodontology at the department of Periodontology (Catholic University Leuven).In 1986 he presented his Ph. D. entitled: Anatomical and inflammatory factors influence bacterial plaque growth and retention in man.In 1990 he was appointed professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the Catholic University of Leuven to teach periodontology and anatomy.His research deals mainly with oral microbiology (with special attention to the influence of surface characteristics on bacterial adhesion and the effect of antiseptics), oral malodour, simplification & optimization of periodontal therapy including implant surgery.He published over 300 full papers in international peer-reviewed journals.He is member of the editorial board of the Journal of Clinical Periodontology (associate editor), Clinical Oral implants Research, Journal of Dental Research, Periodontal Practice Today & Parodontologie.